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Basil PET Emulator C64

Sarjassame hurjia taidonnäytteitä esittelee suomalainen Aleksi Eeben ja Basil PET Emulaattori Commodore 64:lle. Basil on siis Commodore PET emulaattori, joka emuloi peliohjainta, CB32 ääntä, PET merkistöä etc.

Relase Note:

Basil is a PET Emulator for Commodore 64, inspired by Jim Butterfield’s One-Line PET Emulator shown in Robin Harbron’s 8-Bit Show And Tell.

New in version 1.0:

  • PET jiffy clock emulation (fixes timer in SKI)
  • Tape buffer patch (enabled Cursor Magazine key/joy read routine used in at least 5 games and potentially other ml subroutines that are placed in PET tape buffer #1)
  • Sound emulation now 4 times per frame
  • PET $e840 screen retrace bit emulation, fixing some games such as MILLIPEDE, an all ML Centipede clone
  • Timer registers can be now used as source of random, although actual timers are not emulated
  • Joystick emulation
  • Added a second disk of old PET games for instant gratification

Basil emulates CB2 sound, both PET character sets, various keyboard models, shift key register, joystick, jiffy clock, screen retrace bit, disables color control codes and remaps the tape buffer. Basil runs patched C64 KERNAL ROM and patched copy C64 BASIC, remapping many zeropage POKE’s and PEEK’s to corresponding C64 locations (such as cursor location, key buffer, memory pointers, USR function address).

Basil even adds that one extra space before each line number in LIST, just like PET does. First half of PET BASIC ROM is included as a memory image, because many programs check bytes in memory range $c000-$c3ff to detect PET ROM version.
Historical games currently working include Bonzo, Android Nim, Bat, Bets, Blackjack, Checkers, Dungeon, Everest, Lander, Ambush, Capture, Racer, Lawn, Tank, Ouranos, Rescue, Star Wars Train, Pinball, Frogs, Space, Afo, Alligator 2, Jackpot, Debris, Ski, Volcano, Millipede, Tron Journey, Meteorites, Canyon, Demon, Nab and many more. Currently, Space Ace and Microchess 3.0 almost work, but crash after a while or when doing certain moves.

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